My websites all contain Structured Data Mark-Up. This is a new tool (extra tags in the code) that web designers can use to help Google and other popular search engines more fully understand what your website is about. You can now explicitly tell the search engines that “This is the Author”, “This is a product for sale”, “This is a very important link”, etc. and you can really explain your sites content better than ever before, and that can lead to better search engine placement, images showing with the search results, other recent articles by the author also being listed, etc. which can lead to more traffic. This is the way everyone will be doing it soon, but you will have already been doing it. You can look over popular websites to see if they are doing it using this tool

My websites contain all of the proper Header Information. Meaning all images, links, sound bytes, videos, etc. have the proper descriptive labeling and tags. This will help your images come up for image searches, video searches etc. and will help your website, and the content on it, be connected in the eyes of the search engine robots.

My websites are Responsive. Meaning they will change size to fit any screen. This is needed for mobile devices, tablets, etc. Google will penalize you for not having a mobile friendly website and you will suffer a lower ranking on the results page.