Info and Prices


That depends on many factors. A website is unique and individual.

If you were building a home, you would need to know how many floors, and bathrooms, and spaces in the garage you are going to need before you could start to get an idea of what it would cost.

If you will continue reading I will try to explain what we would do to get your website created.

  • I would ask you to think about and email me your response to the following questions.
    1. Is this a new website or a re-build?
    2. If it is new, how will it be hosted?
    3. What is the website about?
    4. Do you already have a clear idea of how you want the website to look, and how you need it to function?
    5. Is the website a blog or will a blog be a part of the website?
    6. Will the website need a shopping cart?
    7. Will the website need any other functionality, and if so what functionality needs to be included?
    8. How many pages need to be created?
    9. Will visiors to your website need to sign up and log in?
    10. If so, besides username and password, will any other inormation about a user need to be stored in a database?
    11. Do you already have all of the artwork that will be needed to create the website?
    12. Do you already have the content that will be needed to create the website?
    13. How often will the website need to be updated once it has been created?
    14. Who will update it?
    15. How soon does the website need to be finished?
  • The answers to these questions will really get the ball rolling, and give us a ballpark idea on how much it will cost, and they will also very likely raise many more questions.
  • We will need to continue to email back and forth(free of charge) until all questions are answered and we both have a clear idea of exactly what you want the website to be, and how much it will cost.
  • I’ll get to work!