I build websites using using either HTML5 or WordPress. WordPress has traditionally been a blogging tool but it is now the backbone of many popular websites. WordPress has an almost endless supply of themes and plugins that cover practically every conceivable need and function. This means websites can be created quickly for any business.

My websites are built to be RESPONSIVE. Responsive means that the website will change to fit any screen. This is extremely important because there are so many different devices with so many different sized screens. Your website needs to work on all of them. If fact, Google will slap you with a penalty in the search engine rankings for not having a responsive website.

My websites are also VALIDATED by the W3C to be sure there are no errors in the code. Errors in code can lead to a website not working properly or not working at all. You might think that this is a no-brainer but run a few of your favorite websites though this test and you will be amazed at how many errors you find. Your website will have none.